Europia membrane – BIO50

type: design
status: completed
location: Ljubljana, BIO 50, Modern gallery

author: Andrej Strehovec u.d.i.a.

EUROPIA MEMBRANE, BIO50 – 24th Biennial of Design Ljubljana, Slovenia,

Project is presented in collaboration with project “Cogito” by Daniela de Paulis ( It is possible to enter the capsule wearing a head-set to record the brain-waves. Brain-waves are sent to space via radio-telescope.
Europia membrane is a blown-up capsule with a single-person entrance. Inside, the visitor can hear a soundtrack of planet Jupiter*. The membrane is developed as an icon, representing the utopia of establishing an ideal society in Space. The structure refers to a time-frame from the first flight explorations, to the contemporary solutions for living in an alien environment. The membrane is used to establish a space within a space for personal contemplation. Through its symbolic presence and experience of the interior, the structure aims to trigger a collective memory of Space discoveries and expectations regarding the development of society.

*Original space audio recordings provided courtesy of NASA and Donald Gurnett of The University of Iowa. (audio interpretation of charged solar particles reacting with the Magnetosphere of Jupiter and translated into sound in the human range of hearing, recorded by the PWS plasma wave instrument on Voyager 2 as the spacecraft was approaching Jupiter on July 2, 1979)

foto: Andrej Strehovec
technical execution: Andrej Strehovec, Hoovercraft d.o.o., MAO Ljubljana
special thanks: Daniela de Paulis, Maja Smrekar, Luka Prinčič, Miha Turšič


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