circadian drift (with Špela Petrič, Maja Smrekar, intermedia artists)

foto: Miha Fras, Nada Žgank

Circadian Drift is an interactive installation, which reflects the human’s circadian rhythm thus paraphrasing the
lack of synchronicity between the natural and sovereign body in the dynamics of modern society. Six rats, a
species that has similar mechanisms of managing circadian rhythms as humans, will be through sensors
thelematically exposed to identical lighting conditions as the human volunteer through sensors. After a
couple of days, the rhythms of both species will synchronize and the rats, which are not conditioned by our
human culture, will serve as bioindicators of our natural rhythms of activity.

Špela Petrič & Maja Smrekar: Circadian Drift (2012)
Software and hardware: Miha Tomšič
Architecture concept: Andrej Strehovec, Maja Smrekar, Špela Petrič
Architecture planning: Andrej Strehovec
Execution: Vempleks d.o.o.
Special thanks to: Stephan Bourdon, dr. Gregor Majdic, dr. Marko Zivin, Irena Furlan, dr. Urs Gaudenz, Simon
Gmajner, dr. Joško Račnik, Vetpromet d.o.o.
Technical support: Museum of Contemporary Art / Museum of Modern Art, Ljubljana

Production: Kapelica Gallery – Zavod K6/4
Supported by: Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia, Municipality of Ljubljana – Department for
Culture, SOU of Ljubljana

Project is presented as part of international initiative ‘KiiCS – Knowledge Incubation in Innovation and
Creation for Science’, 3-year european partnership supported by 7th Framework Programme by Directorat
General for Research and Innovation of the European Commission.

292339_10150921143146482_1933251908_n 426111_10150921146921482_1324578398_n 524046_10150921143341482_638735329_n 541728_10150921141596482_93562041_n 559199_10150921144746482_1361974991_n 561121_10150921146471482_687719513_n 634770180051145502_beja podgane v kapelici circadian drift (2) 634770180497094418_beja podgane v kapelici circadian drift (10) 634770180598972026_beja podgane v kapelici circadian drift 614675_265804723529981_933435497_o

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