exhibition: Ars Electronica: Maya YogHurt (with Maja Smrekar, intermedia artist)


Author of the project and execution: Maja Smrekar

Co worker at the filed of molecular biology and artistic advisory: dr. Špela Petrič
Co worker at the field of biochemistry and laboratory biomedicine: Marko Žavbi,. lab. biomed. engineer
Construction plan and map design: Andrej Strehovec

The project has been executed in cooperation with Institute of Biochemistry,
Medical Faculty, University of Ljubljana

Special thanks:
dr. Ana Plemenitaš, dr. Metka Lenassi, dr. Andrej Petrič, dr. Zlata Luthar, dr. Borut Bohanec, dr. Matej Šergan,
dr. Neža Čadež, dr. Maja Paš, Department of biotechnology MESP/ dr. Martin Batič, dr. Ruth Rupreht, dr. Petra
Zadravec and Polonca Krajnc, Mojca Žavbi

Production: Kapelica Gallery – Zavod K6/4
Supported by: Ministry of Culture/Republic of Slovenia, Municipality of Ljubljana, Domel d.d. / Tehtnica Železniki

top view text_ArseE view_1_ArseE view_2_ArseE

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